I’m Back! with some Retail Humor!

I’m back! I know it’s been ages since I have published anything, and the fact of the matter is, is that I have been so busy trying to build my life I kind of lost myself. I love blogging. I love spilling my thoughts onto paper (or rather a screen) and sharing them with the world. It’s something that I really miss doing every day.

Some of you may know that about a year ago, I got my first “out of the home” job at a convenience store. To say the past year has been a whirlwind and life changing would be absolutely true. I have learned a lot about people since I began working with the public. I have also learned a lot about myself. I believe I have become more outspoken, and more willing to accept change. Though working outside of my home has also affected me negatively also. The stress of a job outside of my home has made me miss blogging more than ever. So here I go- Back on the blogging horse- and back to something I have missed for months. In honor of my first post back, and of my “Real” job, I have compiled a rather hilarious list of Memes that anyone who has worked in retail should get a chuckle out of.

Each Photo is linked to the original source.

None of these are meant in any disrespect, everything is in good fun here. Most of us have been both a customer and the employee in these situations.

I have met some wonderful people and made some memories I will never forget. I hope to be able to balance my life a bit better and continue to pursue my passion of blogging with my career in retail!

Thank you all for sticking by my side!


Review: BoCandy

Subscription boxes are probably some of my favorite things to review. I love getting to try new things, and it offers a way for me to be adventurous without spending a fortune. I was able to review a BoCandy subscription box, and I was pretty pleased with what I received.

BoCandy offers 5 different subscription services. Depending on how much you want to spend, they have something for everyone.

BoCandy subscriptions

I was sent the BoCandy Taste box to review for you all. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, but I enjoyed it. I was sent a good variety of items, and I had never heard of any of them before. They all were quite good, so it wasn’t like I got a bunch of food items that were going to go to waste, which in the past I have found happens quite often when you order food type subscription boxes. Even the twins (who can be kind of picky eaters) liked the goodies BoCandy sent.


Pictures always tell a better story than words ever could, so check out what I got in my BoCandy Box!


My personal favorite was the Smart Energy Cookie, because let’s face it. I am a caffeine junkie. Now combine caffeine with a cookie? I mean, who wouldn’t like that?

File_000 (1)

The little candies were great. The peanut butter (I think, I can’t be completely certain what exact flavor these were) puffs were actually really good.

So, In my honest opinion I would give this box an 8/10. It loses two points because I think it would have been better if it had a few more items in it, but the stuff I did get was all pretty great. If you are looking for new snacks, or to try some goodies from another country, I would totally recommend this to you! Its a great way to expand your taste bud horizons without breaking the bank!

Have I peaked your interest? You can order online *HERE*!

Review: Organic Slammers

Organic Slammers are a fun nutritious way for your kids to have snacks on the go.

My nephews are always moving. I am not exaggerating either. Not only are they always moving, they are always hungry! One of their favorite foods is fruit. Any kind of fruit. They devour applesauce, and melon and apple and oranges with more fervor than I have seen before. I am always on the look out for new and easy snacks for them, and Organic Slammers were just the ticket.

Fun Organic Snacks for Kids   Slammers

I was able to try some of these flavors also, I liked most of them, but there were a few I wasn’t crazy about. I always like to include a small disclaimer when reviewing food, because everyone likes different things, so what I say I didn’t like, doesn’t mean you wont like it.

Organic Slammers come in several flavors, and they all have fun names:

  • EPIC
  • WATERMELON KIWI BURST (Protein Slammer)

I loved Awesome and Epic, but Chill’n was the one that I wasn’t crazy about. The kids so far have tried two different flavors and they loved them both. Tomorrow for lunch I plan on including one of the protein slammers. I loved the watermelon one, and I am sure they will also.

UPDATE: These are now gone. The twins spent a week here and they wanted to eat one of these with just about every meal. I felt good giving them to them knowing that they aren’t packed full of chemicals. I am very pleased with these and the knock regular pouches right out of the water!

#organicslammers #yum #food #review

A photo posted by Caitlin Paige Mohr (@tafferdog) on

As our kids grew up, they were asking for fun and yummy treats to throw in their backpacks. We created these awesomely delicious on-the-go snacks, with super-healthy organic ingredients, designed to energize for every activity. Slammersis for all the busy parents and active kids with great taste in food!

If you want to try these out for yourself or your little one, you can find them online!

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The Loss of a Friend- Depression and Suicide

This week I got a call that I hope none of you ever have to get; a call from my sister letting me know that a mutual friend had committed suicide.


Let me put this in perspective for you… I was not super close to this person, who we will refer to from now on as John. John was a close friend of my sister’s. I met him through her. We got along well, and had some fun times together. He was a happy bubbly person, who was always looking to make someone laugh.

You might think, “Well, if you weren’t that close to him, why would you be so upset?” and honestly, I cannot answer that, not even when I ask myself that question. The only answer that I can even remotely think of is that he was a good person. A true good person. He made mistakes, but he was polite and respectful, and funny. I was lucky to call him my friend. And now he’s gone.

You see, every one that I have previously lost in my life has been to a disease, one that you can see. Cancer. Heart Disease. Parkinson’s. Alzheimers. Not a single person that I have lost in my life has committed suicide, until John.

John wasn’t the type of friend I would call up if I needed advice, or call on the phone just because, but he was the type of friend who I would see in passing and talk to, ask how he was doing, and laugh about some crazy thing he had done. Yet, his death hit me harder than most, and I can’t even explain the feelings that I felt this week.

After talking to my husband about the whole situation and laying John to rest today, I think I finally know. In the words of my husband:

“You weren’t close friends, but you knew him well enough to know he had a good soul. You know that at the end of the day, he took his life, because he felt pain. That a good person died who didn’t have to, and that is hard for you to handle.”

I cried today with his family, and people who knew him far better than I, and I am still sad. I am sad because I will never understand why, and what brought him to do it. I am sad because we will never get to know what he would have done with the rest of his life. I am sad because I see the pain his family has to go through. I am just plain sad.

I know that for the rest of my life, I will never scoff at depression. If someone needs someone to talk to, even if I don’t know them, I can guarantee after seeing what I have seen and hearing what I have heard this week, that I will give them my time and my shoulder to cry on.

This experience has changed my life, and probably the lives of many others. It has opened my eyes to something I didn’t see before.

National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255 Or Visit www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org


RIP. Fly High with the Angels. You will be missed.

How to Manage your Time & Get your To Do List Done!

Until a few months ago, I was always one of those people who had great dreams and ideas, but not a whole lot of perseverance. Time management was not my strong point, and I was never getting things done that I had started. I started to realize very quickly after starting a full time job outside of the home, that there was no way I could effectively balance my two jobs without losing my mind of letting one or both suffer. I had to come up with a plan.


My plan involves three major things. A Pen. A Planner. And a FitBit. No this is not a sponsored post. I am telling you that wearing one of these legitimately changed the way I operate. I always considered myself lazy on my days off. At work I do about 15,000 steps on a regular day, but on my first day off after I saw my numbers plunge dramatically. I knew in my mind that I wanted to step up my game, keeping me more active, therefore getting more things done.

I came up with this plan after thinking how in the world I was going to get things done. I had so much piling up on my plate and I kept forgetting the simplest things. I went and bought myself a planner, got out my favorite pen, and went to town.

I started writing down my work schedule on days that I worked. I added in deadlines, and important dates. Setup takes a bit of time, but I was very thorough, as I knew that if I did it right the first time, I would be less stressed for the rest of the week/month/year.

My next step was to think of all the things that I wanted to get done that week. Down to the very meticulous things. Things that may be natural to everyone else, but little things that I like to forget, such as a certain piece of housework, or a certain post I wanted to get done that week. I write it all out on one piece of paper and tape it to the week that I am on. Those are the things that I need to do on my days off.


I utilize the silent alarm on my FitBit on my days off, though you can use your phone for this is you want, or even a regular alarm clock. It reminds me to get my butt in gear and get things on my list done. Each day I strive to get as many things as I can done, and then once my list is done, I am done for the week. I have completed all of my tasks. If you somehow cannot get them all done, like I have once or twice; I roll them over into the next weeks list. It makes it longer, but then I know I have to get it all done.

Using this simple method of alarms, and changing the way I think (and not procrastinating) I am able to keep on track throughout the week and get my entire To Do list done. Sometimes I get it done by midweek and I have a day off or two to relax and do what I please.

Be sure to set attainable goals, and not set your bar so high. I always used to do that and then be discouraged at the end of the week when I only got half of my to do list done. Example: It is unrealistic to think that I could wash all the walls in my house and do all of my yard work in one week. It’s not practical, and I would either bur myself out in the process of trying to do these things on top of my everyday chores, or it simply wouldn’t get done at all.

Life is all about balance, and these methods above have helped me not only attain my goals, but feel great about myself as well!


Review: Dr Sharp Natural Oral Care Products

Your teeth and mouth are a pretty important part of your life. Maybe you don’t realize it, but Oral Care is really something that everyone should be vigilant about. I mean, Everyone has to chew at some point, and taking care of your pearly whites should be a priority.

 Dr. Sharp Products not only work great, but also taste great and contain great ingredients, but what makes them so special to me is what they DON’T contain.

Dr. Sharp Products Contain absolutely NO:

  • Flouride
  • Alcohol
  • Parabens
  • Gluten
  • SLS
  • BPA
  • Metal

I mean, how many other toothpaste/ oral care companies can say that? Not very many. Another thing that stand out right away to me just by looking at the packaging is that they are PETA Certified, which means they do not test on animals and are Vegan. Even the packaging is printed with Soy ink!

Here is the excerpt found on the inside of the packaging:

Since 1906, Dr. Sharp Dentistry has distinguished itself in the pursuit of excellence in complete oral care. Concerned with the increasing number of published clinical studies indicating the potential health risks associated with the excessive use of fluoride, as well as warning labels displayed on regular packages of toothpastes in the market, renowned aesthetic dentist Dr. Bruno Sharp brought together decades of clinical experience and family tradition that spans over four generations to create a carefully formulated, fluoride free toothpaste that safely meets the everyday needs of the entire family.

I myself have heard of the dangers of fluoride, and though I won’t voice that particular opinion now as it is not time nor the place, I think it’s great that I now have an alternative to other chemical packed toothpastes and mouthwashes.

One small thing I might add before we get to my review of these products is that these DO contain Xylitol. Which means it is great for humans, and bad for pets. Please keep this in a drawer and away from where your fuzzy family members might be able to reach it.

The Review:

Out of the two toothpastes I was sent, I preferred the “adult” version, which was the Fresh Mint with Green Tea flavor. The other which is marketed towards children is flavored as Wild Berry. I plan to pass that along to my sister for her twins, so they can also learn the importance of oral care.

The floss was very minty! I really liked it. Floss is pretty self explanatory, but I will say that when I used it, it didn’t “Shred” like other floss likes to. My teeth are very close together, so generally I end up using a ton of floss because my teeth almost cut through it. Not with this stuff.

The mouthwash was my favorite out of the products I was sent. It was so minty! My teeth felt so clean afterwards and it didn’t have an aftertaste like many mouthwashes do. It does tingle a bit, but surprisingly didn’t burn. My husband hates mouthwash that burns, so I can’t wait for him to get home to try this out. I think he is going to love it.

I can really stand behind this brand. I love that is doesn’t contain bad things, and that they don’t test on animals, but I also love that they actually work! My mouth feels clean and fresh!

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Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks

It sunny outside and the windows are open letting the stale winter air out. It finally warm enough here in Michigan to start my spring cleaning! Spring Cleaning strikes fear in the heart of many, myself included, but these tips will help make your yearly deep clean a little easier.

My biggest problem before I started this was simply not having enough space. I had too much furniture crammed into my bedroom, and simply not enough storage to put all of my things! I knew two things had to happen to make my room cleaner; I needed to downsize my stuff and my furniture, and I needed more storage. I kicked out my end tables, my old vanity that was way too big, and bought cube shelves. Honestly, It was one of the best choices I have ever made as far as organization goes. Clutter gives me anxiety, so I knew that I had to have something that not only functioned how I wanted it to, but also looked well organized. So I bought two shelves and made them into an entertainment system and a great place to store my books and other odds and ends. The best part about these shelves is that if you have things that you don’t want to be seen, you can buy the fabric bins to go in them to hide all of your unsightly items!


Have a cleaning kit all set up so you can easily carry it between rooms. One thing that always kills my cleaning groove is having to stop what I am doing to go grab a specific cleaner, or rag, or duster from another room. I get sidetracked and lose my cleaning mojo. Have all your cleaning supplies with you and you won’t ever have to stop!

Another part of spring cleaning that maybe most people don’t consider part of their routine is cleaning out your vehicle. I like to do this when it is nice and warm out so I can put everything that is in our car out in the yard. I shake out mats and vacuum them, and bring my car cleaning kit with me, for the same idea as above. I don’t want to have to stop. In that kit, I also include cotton swabs for the hard to reach places, and tampons. Yes. I said it. It was not a joke. Tampons. Cleaning out cupholders has been one of the hardest and nastiest jobs until recently when I discovered that tampons are basically giant cotton swabs! The easiest way to clean oout those nasty cupholders is to pour your favorite cleaner tin the cupholders (Just a little though) and scrub with a tampon. Keep it in the applicator though so you fingers don’t have to touch it. You can see the picture below to understand what I am talking about.


Put on some music! Nothing gets you in the mood to clean better than some fast paced tunes! I prefer some old school alternative rock like Matchbox 20, or the top 40 from the year I graduated High School.

Start in one corner and work in a circle all the way around the room. That way you can make sure you aren’t missing anything. Before I started doing this, I would feel so accomplished only to realize that I forgot to clean and dust that one shelf, and my good mood would immediately be ruined.

Work from top to bottom. Don’t vacuum and shampoo you floors before you have dusted your ceiling fans and washed your walls or you will have to do it all over again, and that’s a bummer.

The best tip, when you are done, pop open a beer or pour yourself some wine and relax! Bathe in the glory of your clean and organized home!




Review: Newman’s Own Organic

I have said it before and I will say it again, what is in your food matters. We truly are what we eat, and since I began blogging my way of eating and choosing products has definitely changed. I have become more picky about what goes into my body. I became exposed to many different brands who helped me along this journey, and Newman’s Own Organics has been with me from the very beginning.
When Cait’s beauty was just beginning, I was offered a review package and they were really my first experience with Organic foods that weren’t fruits and vegetables. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was blown away. 
This time I have a little more experience with Organic foods and I was just as impressed with Newman’s Own Organics, which is now a part of Newman’s Own. I tried a bunch of new products that I absolutely love!


The Review

Newman s Own
One of the household favorites were definitely the Peanut Butter Newman-O’s! Oh they were so delicious. I wish the pack would have been bigger!

Another household staple that Newman’s Own does better is Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We use this daily in my house, and I not only feel better about using a well known brand like Newman’s Own, but I also feel great about it because it is Organic.

My personal favorite were the High Protein pretzels. They contain pea flour which adds a ton a fiber that would not usually be found in pretzels. They make a great snack when you are looking for a boost in the middle of the day. I loved taking them to work with me.

Sour Mango Licorice Twists

Sour Mango Licorice Twists

They carry such a great assortment of goodies for the whole family.


One of the things that sets Newman’s Own apart from other companies is that they donate their profits to charity. Since they have been founded, they have donated an extremely large amount of money to charity.

This idea was in Paul Newman’s heart and, today, Newman’s Own, Inc. continues his commitment to pay all profits and royalties from our food products to Newman’s Own Foundation, which supports charitable causes around the world. Over $450 million has been given to thousands of charities since 1982. To learn more about Newman’s Own Foundation and its grantees, visit NewmansOwnFoundation.org.

Interested in trying a few of these products out for yourself?

Visit Their Website!

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Support Big Brothers Big Sisters by Visiting Chuck E Cheese

Strong role models are one of the most important thing for a child to have. When I think about when I was young, I know my grandparents shaped much of who I am today. I spent a lot of time with them because my parents were very hard working people, and honestly I feel very lucky to have spent that much time with my grandparents before they passed. I would give just about anything to sit down and talk to them again. However, there are children out there who lack strong role models, and Big Brothers Big Sisters are there to help.


On March 31st from 3-9pm all Chuck E Cheese’s across the nation will donate 15% of all sales to Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) when guests mention BBBS. Also during the entire month of April children (Or adults) can purchase a pin up ticket to be displayed with their name of it with the proceeds benefitting BBBS.

Not only is Chuck E Cheese fun for the whole family, but you can take this time to discuss the importance of donating to charities without it being overwhelming for your child. Not only are you going to have a great time, but you will also be helping a great cause. They have several value deals that make it hassle proof to get food, dinks and game tokens!


My nephews love going to Chuck E Cheese. Not only can they play in a safe environment, but we also have a great time playing games with them. For a very affordable price, you can have a great day with the whole family. The kids were so excited to be going to Chuck E Cheese, and I won’t lie, I was pretty excited also!

Come join us at Chuck E Cheese on March 31st to support BBBS! I hope to see you all there. Keep an eye out for my update post about what a great time we had at the event!

You can find your local Chuck E Cheese *HERE*

Find out more about Big Brothers Big Sisters *HERE*