Detox tea is something that you might hear from celebrates, where they promote it and credit it for their bodies. Detox tea has become a business in itself where everybody wants to see the difference in their bodies for themselves. If you have questions about detox teas, here is everything you need to know about detox teas.

You still have to diet and exercise for them to work

Celebrities promoting detox teas will want to make the rest want to try it for themselves, but the other why detox teas work for them and not for us is that they also workout on a regular basis. Detox tea with proper diet and exercise can work wonders, but people do not understand this simple fact. If you are looking for better results red tea detox is the best as there are many red tea detox program reviews to attest to the fact that it helps in detoxification process.

You might lose water weight and not fat

Detox teas are high in caffeine which triggers loss of water from the body, this shed in water weight will make you feel lighter and also detox teas have laxatives added to them which can also trigger further weight loss, this a quick fix and is not healthy for your body. It takes just two days to gain the water weight you have lost.

Unwanted side effects

Detox teas contain many other herbs which is designed to help you curb your appetite, increase metabolism and promote weight loss. But these herbs like senna has a lot of side effects which includes bloating, cramps, nausea, diarrhea. These side effects may cause you to lose water from the body, causing dehydration and also lessen the electrolytes, which trigger abnormal heartbeats. Even if the package says all-natural it is up to you do check the ingredients list to ensure that the tea is safe for you.

This may interfere with your sleep

Detox teas contain caffeine which suppresses appetite and triggers digestive system to clear the colon and also might promote lose the water weight. The caffeine in detox teas will boost your energy, but you will feel hungry soon after and also this may disrupt your sleep cycle, which may cause you to eat excessively or even slow the metabolism. One rule of thumb to always keep in mind is not to take caffeine nine to six hours before sleep.

Research is not precise

There are studies on certain ingredients used in detox teas, but the detox process in whole has never led to a precise conclusion. This means that before the consumption of detox tea, it is better that you talk to your dietician to ensure that the ingredients are safe to consume and the best form detox for your body.…