Key West Health & Beauty Organic Unrefined African Shea Butter

I have tried a few different brands of Shea butter, and I can tell you, this is BY FAR my favorite. It is very creamy and smooth, and not chunky like others I have tried. You can really tell the time and care that this company puts into their product. I love using Shea Butter around my feet and ankles, as well as on my cuticles. Basically, You can use this stuff for almost EVERYTHING! This Shea Butter is Certified USDA Organic.

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Ozeri Moderna Glasses

Review: Ozeri Moderna Glasses

We host a lot of parties around the holidays, and I am very excited that I was able to review these. I have quite a few recipes that I think will be great served in these glasses. These are made from durable, heat resistant borosilicate glass. These are extremely insulated. I love that the double wall is so thick, so I keeps things either very hot or very cold. These glasses also have finger grips, which makes holding and drinking out of them very easy. I don’t have to worry about the glass slipping out of my grip.

Ozeri Recommends these Moderna Glasses for:

  • Coffee
  • Cappuccinos
  • Hot Tea
  • Iced Tea
  • Cocktails
  • Frozen Beverages

I am very excited to try out single serving “Dessert Shots” in these. That way people can have their very own mini hot brownie sundae, or mini Terimisu! How adorable!

I think these would also be great for those adult parties, as most mixed shots are also served in 2oz glasses such as these ones. I have a couple favorite that I like to drink with friends (Responsibly); a dirty girl scout, which is a mint chocolate type shot, and a dirty pickle, which is pickle juice and vodka. I know the Pickle one sounds gross, but if you love pickles, you will love it I swear!

If you are a huge coffee drinker, these would also be great for those strong coffee drinks! I myself am not a huge lover of coffee, but once in a while I like to drink it. These glasses are the perfect amount for me!

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